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Our candidate portfolio showcases the brightest minds who possess not only expertise and experience but also an unwavering commitment to turning ideas into tangible solutions. By harnessing their passion, they ignite positive change and leave an indelible mark on our planet.

Driven by a deep-rooted desire to leverage their skills and knowledge, these exceptional individuals work actively to champion green initiatives. They understand the urgent need for environmental leadership and wholeheartedly embrace sustainable business practices. From eco-friendly solutions to renewable energy, energy efficiency to sustainable development, they explore innovative approaches that preserve biodiversity and honour the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Join us on a transformative journey, where talent meets purpose, and sustainability becomes a driving force behind your success.

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At our core, we are dedicated to finding extraordinary individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact through green initiatives. Our mission is to forge a path towards a brighter future by harnessing the power of a diverse talent pool and nurturing environmentally conscious employment practices.

Elevating sustainability leadership
worldwide with a well-defined approach.

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s organisation.
  • Examine the organization’s strategy, business model, HR policy, values, and norms.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the management task and context.
  • Explore the client’s market segment to gather relevant insights.


  • Utilize our database, networks, and professional sourcing tools to identify highly skilled leaders and professionals.
  • Leveraging our expertise in competence management to create a precise competence profile.
  • Assess the alignment between the management task and the candidates’ competencies, personality traits, and ambitions.
  • Aim to identify suitable candidates who are well-suited for the position.
  • During this stage, we clarify the terms of employment with the chosen candidates.
  • Multiple rounds of interviews take place at the client’s premises, serving the purpose of providing an initial introduction and exploring potential cooperation.
  • Streamlining recruitment process by inviting selected candidates for either virtual interviews or to our office/another location.
  • The change in interview settings allows both the client and candidate to gain a more comprehensive understanding of each other.
  • It facilitates discussions about management tasks, long-term organizational developments, and the organizational context.
  • A personality questionnaire is administered to the candidates during this phase, which serves to help identify and objectively assess their behavioural preferences.
  • The business case is customized to the specific management task.
  • Candidates are expected to suggest relevant approaches and interventions related to the task.
  • The candidate’s proposed approach is assessed for its compatibility with the management task and the desired organizational culture or change.
  • This phase facilitates a profound understanding between the client and candidate, with the potential for mutual appreciation to emerge.
  • Candidates’ consent is obtained before conducting reference checks.
  • The reference checks are conducted in a comprehensive manner.
  • The aim is to gain valuable insights into the candidates’ previous performance and experiences.
  • The extended assessment follows the standards set by National Institute for Psychometricians(NIP).
  • The objective is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s capabilities and skills.
  • The assessment helps in making an informed decision about the candidate’s suitability for the role.
  • It helps to minimize subjective biases and judgments during the selection process.
  • Providing continuous support and consultations to both clients & candidates.
  • Ensuring clear and unambiguous communication with candidates & clients.
  • Monitoring consistent behaviour of candidates.
  • Taking decisive and prompt actions based on feedbacks and findings.
  • Delivering top-notch candidates in 8 to 12-week timeframe.
  • Full commitment to client and candidate needs till the end of procedure.
  • Fast processing of candidates so that they can quickly contribute to sustainability-oriented careers.
  • Conduct evaluation interviews with both the clients and candidate after recruitment.
  • Support and address any communication need during the 6-month guarantee period for HRM.
  • In case of mutual walkouts (client or candidate), initiate the full procedure at no extra cost.
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